Bhutan Minty Highland mix

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Technical Description

  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 16.5cmx 9cmx4cm
  • Weight: 20 gms
  • Included: Paper tea box package

About the Artisan

Kesang Choedon is a Young entrepreneur who is known for innovating an organic and heritage food enterprise near Thimphu, the capital city. she has been training 30 young women in processing and marketing of Bhutan’s local food treasures. Her enterprise includes processing of nearly 150 different organic food ingredients from a wide range of local products including dried foods and vegetables, cereals, pulses, health drinks, herbal tea and spices. These products are sold in organic market including the Folk Heritage Restaurant in the Capital. Choedon is eager to further expand her facilities, products and training to young Bhutanese people. Her intention is to create and strengthen a new organic food movement that builds upon food traditions but also brings healthy and tasty food to Bhutanese people.

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